Continuing with the great tradition of

growing Authentic Corojo over five decades


Overview of Eiroa Tobacco Farm operations in


home of the authentic Corojo for over 50 years.
Green house for Tobacco seedlings
Our Corojo seedlings plants
We select the strongest and best Corojo plants
Transplanting our Corojo into the feilds
Growing the best Corojo in the Eiroa Tobacco Farm
Almost ready to start the primings (Harvesting)
Selecting the best leaves for your cigars
After five primings we wait to get our Corona.
One of our many tobacco barns
Leaves selection and sowing
Leaves now hanging to start drying process
Another look at leaves hanging to start drying process
Recently harvested leaves vs 30 days in the barn
Dry leaves ready to come down for selection and aging
Selection of leaves by size, color and primings
Aging process in "Pilones"
Rolling your Cigars.

The Company

The Process

Farming starts at the green house, and ends for us when we bring down the Tobacco leaves from the barn. Curing or aging is our expertise and distinguishes us from the rest in the industry; after harvesting the tobacco crop, our tobacco is put through a slow oxidation process and degradation of carotenoids, that will give properly cured tobacco. Its sweetness, burning characteristics and most important its uniform taste, so that we can give you, the cigar smoker, consistent quality and great tasting cigars. The aging process can range from a period of 18-24 months after the harvest process. After our tobacco is cured, the leaves are removed from the tobacco stalks in a process called stripping and sorted into different grades of quality, and use; filler, wrapper & binder.

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JRE Tobacco Co. has its main office located in Miami Fl. We are a Honduran Crop to Shop company

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