Tatascan is a mild to medium cigar where the symbolic hat represents the “Big-Boss”, “El jefe” or “Head-Honcho” in Honduras. This amazing sweet tip cigar is available in two wrappers; Connecticut and Habano, continuing our excellence and manufacturing tradition makes it an any time of day cigar.

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Our unwavering commitment to consistency and quality is centered in ensuring that each and every step of our tobacco aging process is not compromised. That attitude has made us a leading Premium Cigar Manufacturer. We are certain that you will enjoy Aladino, Rancho Luna and Tatascan

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JRE Tobacco Co. has its main office located in Miami Fl. We are a Honduran Crop to Shop company

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JRE Tobacco Co.
8326 SW 40th Street, Miami
FL 33155
Telephone: +1 305-222-0837
FAX: +1 305-222-0839
E-mail: info@jretobacco.com
Website: www.jretobacco.com

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